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A media group built to help small businesses ride the next wave of

marketing, branding, technology, and the world. 


Designed and built by Akeil Smith and Jack Patel, NextWave is dedicated to transitioning small businesses into the 21st century via their online presence for no cost. We bring high school students together to create marketing strategies for small businesses across the globe.

Our Process 

1) Find your Balance.png

Find Your Balance 

Before riding the waves, we first need to find balance outside of the water. In order to best tailor our work to you, we need to understand your vision, values, and goals. 

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2) Watch the Waves (1).png

Watch The Waves

Watch as others approach the waves. Learn from every strategy, success, and failure. An understanding of your market creates an opportunity for optimization.

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With a strong stance and understanding of the waves, we are ready to head out on the water. Whether it be through various social media platforms, a website, video advertisements, or other forms of communication, Next Wave works with you to build a robust online presence.

3) Head out onto the water.png
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Head Out On The Water

4) Ride the Wave.png

Ride The Wave

The only thing left to do is ride the wave. Though this wave ultimately passes, this by no means signifies the end of our partnership. The first ride will not be perfect, but we are dedicated to your success and will work to refine our efforts to better prepare you for the next wave.

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Our Current Partners

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The Honest Seafood Co. 
Dothan, Alabama
One Medical
Nassau, Bahamas
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